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    I. Project Introduction

    This project is a complete set of environmental protection equipment for waste gas treatment. It is mainly used for the treatment of exhaust gas, odor, soot desulphurization and soot produced in the production of waterproof membrane equipment and coal-fired boiler equipment.

    The project research and development, mainly for all parts of the country, especially in Shandong Province, the waterproofing membrane manufacturer, more than 90 percent of the production equipment is not supporting environmental protection equipment, Shouguang City, Shandong Province, More than 400 membrane equipment, and now do not have a matching environmental protection equipment, with the state of the environment and air pollution control principles, all manufacturers must support exhaust gas treatment equipment. The company from 2003 to the first half of this year to use four years time, in the original patent asphalt melting device on the basis of the successful development of the waterproof membrane in the production of waste gas, waste oil, soot environmental treatment equipment, the environment in Shandong Province Testing Center, Shandong University Environmental Science and Engineering Institute of Environmental Science Research Institute, Shandong Provincial Environmental Protection Industry Association, the Commission of Experts signed in full compliance with national emission standards.

    Second, the capital use plan The total investment of 3 million yuan, mainly used in equipment manufacturing and acceptance in the use of laboratory equipment, laboratory equipment, a total investment of 1.3 million yuan, 76,000 yuan for automatic welding equipment, the use of funds for a period of 4 year.

    Third, the economic analysis

    At present, China's waterproof material from entering the saturation period of more than 100 large-scale waterproof material company's products have entered the international market, the country's major waterproof material production base is mainly concentrated in Shouguang City, Shandong Province, more than 700 large and medium-sized enterprises, there is no supporting environmental protection Zhengzhou, Guangdong Zengcheng, Dongguan, Wenling, Zhejiang, Renqiu Hebei Shijiazhuang, Liaoning Panjin, Lanzhou, Liaoning and other places of the country's water-proof materials company in Hubei Province, Changsha, Hunan Yueyang production license in the production of 3 million -600 million square meters of production lines there are more than 3,000 manufacturers, basically no environmental protection equipment. Our company from 1997 to the first half of 2007 a total of more than 3 million production of waterproofing membrane production line 123 · according to the annual production plan 30 sets. Each equipment about 36-60 million (due to equipment size) profit of 5-8 million, to ensure that the annual net profit of between 150 to 240 million.


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