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    The role of asphalt polyester tire waterproofing membrane production line

    Waterproof material is polyethylene, polypropylene non-woven fabrics, EVA, anti-aging agent and other polymer materials by the physical and chemical changes from the automated production line after the compound made. The structure is the middle layer is the waterproof layer and anti-aging layer, the upper and lower sides is to enhance the adhesive layer. The product is a one-time polymer composite layer, the surface was irregular cross-mesh. It is characterized by high tensile strength, waterproof impermeability, construction is simple, is now the most development potential and the fastest growing new waterproof material.

    Building wall is the most prone to leakage where the joints of various components of asphalt polyester tire waterproofing membrane, such as a variety of external wall plate joints, the junction of external walls and windows and doors, as well as doors and windows, etc. Waterproofing membrane production line. Therefore, the main performance for the waterproof structure padding, cover seam and other treatment. But for the masonry wall and do a large area of the outer wall of the paint to ensure that the gap between the cracks in the block and the external brush is not crack is also important. In particular various hollow blocks. Such as porous clay bricks, in the event of water seepage, and water can not be discharged, it is easy to accumulate in the hole inside the block, resulting in the scene of the wet, moldy, etc., repair more troublesome waterproofing membrane production line. Therefore, to prevent the formation of body deformation, regulate the construction operation, is still an indispensable topic. Between the outer wall of the plate seam is divided into horizontal seam, vertical seam and cross stitch. The external wall panel can be a single-level panel or a multi-wall panel. Generally speaking, unless the external walls with decorative panels. Can be made from the seam treatment, then the scene back to the grass-roots waterproof training and decorative panels between the layers, or between the grass-roots panels to deal with each other, the outer wall of the plate structure should be directly outside We can prevent rainwater intrusion, and we can discharge rainwater that we invade in particular.

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