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    Application of SBS waterproofing membrane in the waterproof construction of road bridge deck

    Bridge waterproof layer requires high water level, we must first be able to meet the compression, bond strength, high temperature these three indicators, and SBS modified asphalt waterproof membrane in these indicators is clearly some shortcomings. This material surface covered with polyethylene film, fine sand, mineral tablets (grain) material or aluminum foil, copper foil and other insulation materials can be made of sheet waterproof material crimp, the compressive strength of the deck waterproof layer The need to achieve the target; and then because of this material in the deck waterproof layer construction time using hot-melt method of construction, their own bonding performance has been decided on the bridge waterproofing layer bonding performance, absolutely can not meet the requirements; SBS Raw materials containing asphalt, in the case of high temperature will certainly be able to melt, even more can not meet the indicators of the bridge waterproof material temperature.

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