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    Waterproof membrane into the family of ordinary buildings

    Housing leakage affects family life; and if the leak will penetrate into the downstairs or neighbor's home, it is easy to cause neighborhood disputes and disputes. Waterproofing works, for example, is like a layer of plastic bags, cement, paint, home space wrap, let the water penetrate into. The layer used to protect the "plastic bag" is a polyurethane, acrylic and other waterproof coating made of.

         Therefore, kitchen, bathroom and other frequent contact with the water more need to do more protective waterproofing works. On the ground floor of the first floor, the walls, the basement and all the walls should be waterproof. Wall water pipe groove, pipe, floor drain and other parts through the floor, the waterproof layer of these locations must be carefully construction.

         Waterproofing membrane should be based on different needs of the practice:

         In general, the waterproof layer of course, the thicker the better, but as long as the national standard of 1.5mm is qualified and safe. The frequency and total amount of contact with the water at different locations of the house are not the same, the construction techniques at different locations may not be the same. For example, plumbing in the groove need to plaster smooth and then coated waterproof, waterproof brush the number of different materials may be different.

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