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    SBS waterproofing membrane material fundamentally determines the quality of waterproofing works

    1, waterproof material has good weather resistance, light, heat, ozone and so have a certain capacity.

    2, waterproof material has good resistance to water penetration and acid and alkali resistance.

    3, waterproof material on the temperature, external adaptability, that is waterproof material tensile strength, breaking elongation should be large, waterproof material can withstand temperature changes and a variety of external forces and the primary stretching, cracking caused by deformation.

    4, waterproof material integrity, both to maintain their own bonding, but also firmly bonded with the grass-roots level, while the role of external force, the waterproof material has a higher peel strength, forming a stable impermeable whole.

    Selection of waterproofing membrane material skills:

    At present, the market a wide variety of waterproof materials, use, performance and quality vary. The correct choice of waterproof material, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

    1, permanent waterproof material: the choice of waterproof material with a waterproof permanent, thus reducing rework time-consuming, laborious, costly trouble.

    2, green waterproof material: smell thick, toxic large waterproof material, on the home environment, personal health has a great impact, to the community and the family brought great pain.

    3, affordable waterproof material: the choice of waterproof material, hoping to achieve both the permanent waterproof effect, but also a lower use of cost inputs.

    4, the construction is simple waterproof material: only the selection of construction processes, non-professionals can be waterproof construction materials to ensure water quality, to avoid the construction process is complex, increasing the difficulty of construction and affect quality.

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