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    Address: Shouguang City, Shandong Province town of Taiwan Industrial Park

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    Our Mission 

    With our wisdom to create excellent tools to make human labor more relaxed and happy

    Enterprise's goal 

    Become China's machinery manufacturing industry leader and the backbone of the global enterprise

    Business philosophy

    We profit from the actual benefit of our customers

    Service philosophy 

    Understand the needs of customers to meet customer needs beyond the customer's needs

    Quality Policy

    To science and technology as the guide, continuous innovation, to provide cost-effective, high reliability of products and the most satisfactory services

    Corporate commitment

    Integrity and pragmatic, diligent and innovative, serious, rigorous, meticulous work to be done to do the best, and always work to maintain a passion, always a positive spirit of the face of work; , Since the discount; not self-deception, the leadership, colleagues, customers, on, downstream of the working relationship, and always maintain a good faith attitude;

    From the details to start, bit by bit to reinforce their own foundation, not rash, to the attitude of perseverance, pragmatic attitude, silence Toward an established goal.

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    Tel: 86-536-5522082 5512492  Fax: 86-536-5522082  Mobile: 13455630555 13863642391

    E-mail: zyjzt@126.com